Nothing tastes better than freshly-caught, locally-prepared Outer Banks seafood. For generations, Outer Banks families have fished local waters and delivered some of the best seafood in the country. Our diverse, local ecosystem provides a wide selection of fish and shellfish, every season.

Foodies will love everything from standard steamed blue crab, grilled Mahi-Mahi, broiled Snapper, blackened Tuna, and of course your favorite oysters(just to name a few). Local chefs are turning today's catch into mouth-watering standards and new spins on Southern standards like shrimp and grits.

With the number of seafood restaurants to choose from, newcomers to the Outer Banks may have trouble deciding where to take their appetites. Luckily, a local movement has inspired many restaurants to earn and display the "Outer Banks Catch" designation, which signifies that the seafood available and served at the establishment is locally caught and bought. The small light blue emblem, featuring a tasty looking fish, can be found on the doors and menus of restaurants throughout the Outer Banks.

For chefs who want to experiment within the comforts of their vacation rental home, stop by a local seafood market, (again the Outer Banks Fresh Catch emblem will lead the way), and enjoy a sample of fresh seafood selections that were likely pulled out of the water just hours before they hit the fish market display counters.

No matter how you enjoy it, Outer Banks vacationers will find the seafood selections simply unparalleled, and a freshly-prepared seafood meal is the pinnacle of any foodie's dream OBX vacation.

Visit Outer Banks Catch for more information.