Sugar Planet is a candy store to sweeten your day and create lasting memories, from our family to yours. Build-your-own bag of candy, stop in for dessert and the perfect selfie and pick up gifts for family and friends.

Some of Our Best Sellers:
Salt Water Taffy
Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs
Harry Potter Chocolate Wands
Toxic Waste Slime Licker Squeeze
Triple Power Push Pops
Warheads Super Sour Spray Candy
Warheads Super Sour Tongue Rollers
Sour Neon Worms
Killer Shark Gummies
Giant Crystal Rock Candy Sticks
. . . and lots more!

We Have Freeze-Dried Candy!
Astro Sweets Caramel Apple Asteroids
Astro Sweets Salt Water Taffy
Astro Sweets Stardust
Astro Sweets Sour Rainbow Planets
Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwiches
Astro Sweets Jolly Space Cowboys
Astro Sweets Chocolate Caramel Galaxies
Astro Sweets Airspace Heads
. . . and lots more!

We Have Bulk Candy!
Wax Bottles
Swedish Fish
Jelly-Filled Turtle Gummies
Sour Patch Kids
Sour Power Rainbow Belts
Chocolate Gold Coins
Psychedelic Jawbreakers
Chocolate-Covered Gummy Bears
. . . and lots more!

We Have Souvenirs!
Toddler Sugar Planet T-Shirts
American Flag Tumblers
Kids Ice Cream Bucket Hats
Sugar Planet Water Bottles
Sugar Planet Hoodies
Sugar Planet Onesies
. . . and lots more!

We are so excited for you, your kids and your inner child to explore Sugar Planet, an out of this world sweet experience!



Melissa L.
"Wow, just wow. Let me start with that preface. I saw this place after our visit to Chuck E. Cheese and wanted to make a stop thinking it was another souvenir store but nope! IT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE!!!"

Katelynn D.
"I am a complete sucker for candy stores, and this one was quite impressive! It was enormous, and it honestly had every type of candy I could imagine! I especially love the pay by weight candy because I could try a little bit of everything. Additionally, they had souvenirs, trinkets, ice cream, etc, for the full experience."

Marinka K.
"If you love sugar, this place is for you! This is a child's dream! The little ones were crying over lollipops & gummy worms. For me, it's candy corn season! Both ended up being my airport snack and I was wishing that I had purchased more."

Idsia R.
"This super cute store for the person with a sweet tooth is similar to "It's Sugar" with lots of different types of new and old school candies, souvenir cups, pillows, T-shirts, etc. The service was great. They also have an ice cream shop and lots of different truffles and premium chocolates. Highly recommend checking out."







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