Since its opening in 1961, Seaside Art Gallery has steadily expanded from one room into an impressive 12 rooms, filled with selections representing an eclectic range of artists, eras and mediums --- even masters like Rembrandt and James M. Whistler.  Owned by the same family at the same location, the gallery is like an art museum that just keeps going and going, except nearly everything in it is for sale. The business is a reflection of more than 75 years of collecting that started with original owners Barbara and Chester Smith, and is lovingly continued by their daughter, Melanie Smith.  Most rooms at Seaside feature themes, like seascapes and local scenes;  Western and Native American art; modern art; antique pottery and vintage art;  and Oriental art. An entire room is dedicated to a huge selection of estate jewelry, and another to a collection of original Audubon art.  A miniature art show --- featuring work no larger than 40-inches square or ,for sculptures, 6 inches ----held annually at the gallery since June 1992 has gained international acclaim. Another show held in February since 2007 “Animals in Art” donates 10 percent of the sale of any animal-related work to the local animal shelter. Artist demonstration shows, lasting anywhere from a day to a week, are also held throughout the year. The owner is also a certified art appraiser. 


Nags Head
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