There’s a lot more than “fishy” things at this store, which is much bigger than it looks from the road.  With island music getting customers in the mood as soon as they step inside, the store evokes the layed-back tropical vibe and makes you want to crawl into a hammock and soak up the sun. The store is nearly bursting with colorful merchandise, literally filling every possible space from floor to ceiling. It features hand-crafted jewelry, art and furniture, much of it created by local artisans.  How about some cool silver balls to hang from your ceiling? Or a sun wall ornament ---- offered in a range of sizes and prices? There are also island-themed T-shirts, dresses and sandals for sale. Suffice it to say that everything in this interesting store is beach-y, but with a bit more of a Caribbean or Pacific island edge. There is also a complete selection of Happy Birthday books and greeting cards. And of course there’s plenty of fun fish décor.