Haddon Homes, Inc. is a distinctive home builder in the Outer Banks, as it is a company that is devoted to the practice of constructing beautiful and “Green” residences of all varieties. Based in the central OBX town of Nags Head, but able to cater to property owners up and down the coastline, this construction company is a fine option for visitors who want to reduce their overall utility and maintenance costs, while also reducing their carbon footprint on a global scale.

The company is selectively small, and the owner Tom Haddon tackles just 4-6 projects per year with his specialized team in order to ensure personal service, an attention to detail, and an overwhelming positive experience for homeowners of all varieties. While “Green Building” can mean different things to different people, for Tom Haddon and Haddon Homes, it represents a commitment to using the best materials available, and to using modern technology to create high performance homes and residences in terms of both durability in the OBX elements, as well as energy efficiency. As a result, property owners who utilize this green-focused company, will enjoy a lifetime of lower utility bills, as well as a stunning and custom created structure to call home.

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